Naturopathic Medicine

Vitamins, minerals, and supplements are regular additions to the treatment plans at Dr. Robert Brody Personalized Natural Medicine LLC. As a naturopath physician, I like uses this medication to increase the dietary and lifestyle changes I am prescribing. Almost all of my treatments are evidence based and tailor toward you the individual. I would have you note to be cautious where you are getting your supplements from. Most of the supplements you can buy at a local store are not scientifically checked for quality and purity. This is why you see a new study every few months that supplements are not affected. Many of these supplements available at the store have never been the third party tested and contain nothing more than sugar and unlisted ingredients. This is why I prescribe supplements and ask you to purchase them from the clinic as I know where the supplements came from, and know that they have been tested for purity. Come visit Dr. Robert Brody Personalized Natural Medicine LLC, the premier natural health care clinic today.

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